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Kayseri Merkez Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi

    Kayseri Technical&Vocational High School is situated in Kayseri city - Turkey. It provides vocational education and training to 14-18 ages students. Currently, 62 hearing disable students study on wooden furniture and metal works fields in schools. Kayseri  Technical & Vocational  High School was  supported be the Vocational and Technical Education Modernization Project founded by the EU, and the Basic Education Project supported by the Projects approved by the EU Leonardo programs. Turkey is planning to reach the EU standards in the education area as soon as possible. Therefore the participating Schools strongly believe they have many interesting aspects and experiences to disseminate to Turkey. The participating School wants to contribute to the development of the common educational area in the European Union. They expect that this partnership based on exchange will change attitude of students and  teachers to the education and it is very important in upbringing of youth on creating more tolerant, open-minded young generation.
  Alot of European projects have been realized  such Comenius,Grundgtvig,youth exchange and Leonardo da Vinci mobilty& partnership projects, and many awards have been achieved both international  and National Project competations in projects.  We are applying for participation in Leonardo da Vinci projects we are looking forward to cooperating with EU educational institutions and learning more about EU education and culture, especially in view of the fact that Turkey is to become a full EU member in soon.
Kayseri is a developed city becomes a charm source for the people who want to live in there. Although our city is developed but there is high unemployment because of the migration from the other cities. When people come there with the hope of finding a job, getting a better life, they have to struggle with the difficulties of living in a big city.  There are a lot of students at risk of social exclusion. It can be said that they don’t have an objective for future and values relevant to life. , they have disadvantages because of environmental circumstances. The mission of the projects activities is to bring up these youths as precious individuals contributing to the society and to help them improve themselves in their interest fields in order to gain a good opportunities in their future lives.